Montefortiana Challenge Trail

Celebrating the 40th edition of Montefortiana, GSD Valdalpone De Megni organizes the "Montefortiana Challenge Trail", a bundle of 3 trail races.
This year in the circuit there'll be: EcoMarathon at 18th of January; Soave-Bolca Trail, the 3rd of May (to be confirmed) and Monte Baldo Trail at 19th of July.

 schema challenge classico e ultra

The Challenge 2014 will assume two forms:

Challenge trail (classic)
  • EcoMarathon (43km)
  • Soave-Bolca (33km)
  • Monte Baldo Trail (25km)

The classic version has the same races and distances of the previous years

Challenge ultra trail
  • EcoMarathon (43km)
  • Ultra Soave-Bolca (45km)
  • Monte Baldo UltraTrail (35km)

The Challenge ultra trail has the same races but the longer distances for Soave-Bolca and Monte Baldo; Ecomarathon is in common for the both versions.

As the last year, the admission fee to challenge trail is cheaper than the admission to each race, moreover it will be rewarded the first arrivals of each category at the end of the circuit. The admission fee of all the three races it's discounted to only 50 €.


Rankings 2013:

Ranking Challenge 2013 Male
Ranking Challenge 2013 Female

The following link shows the 2012 rankings of Montefortiana Challenge Circuit

Partial Ranking Challenge 2012 Male
Partial Ranking Challenge 2012 Female

The following link shows the 2011's ranking of Montefortiana Challenge Circuit

Ranking Challenge 2011 Male
Ranking Challenge 2011 Female


Admissions modalities

  • directly in Monteforte
  • via fax or email, downloading the admission form and sending it via fax to +39 045 7612003or via email to attached with the done payment


The rules of the Challenge is available through this link Montefortiana Challenge 2015 Regulation