Demmy Half Marathon

The Maratonina Falconeri is an half marathon of 21,097m that take place in Monteforte d'Alpone, during the Montefortiana's weekend. The race begins at 9.30 am, and it's usually opened by 3 shots of cannons fired by "Pistoleri dell'Abbazia", a group of local gunners. In the previous edition, the Demmy Half Marathon has been won by italian athletes with world reputation such as Stefano Sartori, Franca Fiacconi, Salvatore Bettiol, Giorgio Calcaterra , Laura Giordano, Ruggiero Pertile and Giovanna Ricotta. Besides these excellent names, the record of the race is held by 2 of the biggest Africans athletes:

Male Record: Kiptolo Nikson Rugut: 1h 06' 21" (2006)
Female Record: Nyirasambimana Angeline: 1h 19' 10" (2011)

The Program

8.45 am:Athletes and judges meeting in San Carlo Street in Monteforte
9.30 am:Race starts from Dante Street
12.30 pm:Closing arrivals (maximum time 3h 00')
1.00 pm:Prize-giving

The distribution of the numbers and microchips will take place inside the Montefortiana-Expo from 2.00 pm to 9.00 pm of saturday, and the sunday morning from 6.30 am to 9.00 am, at the same place.

The Applications

Admissions closed

Rome marathon's admission will cost € 50,00 – until the 5th March 2015 - for whom has been completed the Falconeri Half Marathon, which takes part to the campaign Maratona di Roma Tune-up 2015

Admission List to the Falconeri HalfMarathon

The Course

The Falconeri Half Marathon's course is visible visiting this link

The Photos

The photos of 2012's editions can be seen at this link Photos 2012

The rankings

The prizes

Every athletes arrived within the maximum time will receive the prize shown in this link, a medal, a personalized certificate.

Additionally, who has been enruled within the 31th of December will receive a bottle of DOC wine as free gift.

The prize will be delivered only if the athletes has given back the microchip.

Moreover, special prizes will be delivered to the first 40 male athletes and 15 female.

Special Prizes

Male Record prize: 800 € (2006 Kiptolo Nikson Rugut - Kenia: 1h06'23")

Female Record prize: 700 € (2011 Nyirasambimana Angeline - Italia: 1h19'10")

Depending on the arrivals list, it will be delivered the following prinzes:

1st place € 350,00 € 350,00
2nd place € 250,00 € 250,00
3rd place € 200,00 € 200,00
4th place € 150,00 € 150,00
5th place € 100,00 € 100,00
from 6th to 10th place € 80,00 € 80,00
from 11th to 15th place € 50,00 € 50,00
from 16th to 20th place € 30,00  
from 21th to 40th place € 20,00  

Info & Reservations

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