Kids's Walk

Kids's Walk, also called "For the smile of the children" is a race reserved to the children of the elementary and middle schools between 6 to 13 years old.

The 5km course of the Kids' Walk is part of the 10km circuit that is available every day of the year, named "10 Capitelli". Founded with no particular ambitions, in the last years over 2.000 of children take part to the race.

Thanks to this success, the kids' walk become a race with a charity purpose, and the profits are usually donated to the organizions that help populations in trouble.
In 2001 the profits gone to an hospital in Ecuador, the 2002's profits gone to the Camillians in Taiwan and to the Ecuardor's children.
In 2003 and 2004 this walk helped the children in Yunnan,China.
From 2005 to 2007 the profits helped the S.Camillo of Lotung in Taiwan, a day care for youngs disabled.
Finally, form 2008 the profits are helping the Camillian's missions around the world.

The Program

9.00 am: Meeting and opening of Montefortiana's Expò
10.00 am: Start in Dante Street for the kids, until 12.00am for the adults.
11.00 am: Prizes-giving
11.30 am: Prize-giving of school drawing contest.
1.00 pm: Closing arrivals.

Admissions, prizes and refreshment stands

Admission fee: 5,00 € with prize or 2,00 € without it.

Prize: Neck Warmer

Refreshment stand: one at the arrival for all kids.

Photo 2012

The Photos are available thorugh the following link Photo 2012