Trail della Speranza sul sentiero delle 3 aquile - Rifugio Novezzina - Monte Baldo

The 4rd "trail della speranza sul sentiero delle 3 aquile", named also "Monte Baldo Trail" is a competition that will take place on the est slope of Mt. Baldo at the 21st of July.

The name of this race is explained by its purpose: "trail della speranza" literally means "hope's trail", and the hope of this trail is to help the East-Europe's people with the earnings of the race; moreover, the sentence "sentiero delle 3 aquile" means that the course is based on the path that 3 eagles follows every year in July.

The start of the race will take place in Chalet Novezza, then the competition will finish at the Mt.Baldo's peak at the cableway station of "Malcesine - Monte Baldo" after 25km and a positive gain of 1200mt, in that place will take place the prize-giving of "Montefortiana challenge trail".

This year will be introduced a new 35km path with a positive gain of 2000m.

Through the following link it's available the Monte Baldo's flyer

The program

7.00 am: Meeting at Rifugio Novezzina in Ferrara del monte Baldo at 1235mt
7.30 am: Numbers delivering
8.30 am: Race's start
12.00 am: Pasta party at the arrival
12.00 am: Race and Montefortiana Challenge Trail's Prize-giving
1.30 pm: Closing Arrivals of 25km
3.00 pm: Closing Arrivals of 35km

Walk's program

At the same time and place of the competitive race, it'll start the 14km no-competitive walk. The walk will arrive at the cable-way station in Prà Alpesina, from which the partecipants will be able to reach ( without payment) the arrival of Monte Baldo Trail and to take part to the pasta party. This walk is valid for the italian and international Fiasp and IVV competition, "Concorso Rosa", "Piede Alato", "Gamba d'Argento" from VAI's magazine and "Strà Viareggio Club"'s certificate.


Admissions closed

Admission fees:

  • Walk: 5€ with prize, 2€ without prize
  • Trail 25km: 20€ until the 28th of June, 25€ from the 29th of June to the 14th of July
  • Trail 35km: 25€ until the 28th of June, 30€ from the 29th of June to the 14th of July


Photo 2013,2012 and 2011

Video 2014

The 2013's edition photos are available through this page Photo 2013

The 2012's edition photos are available through this page: Photo 2012

The 2011's edition photos are available through this page: Photo 2011.

The course

The competition has a moutain course, maily on dirty road, on the east slope of Mt.Baldo. During the course is mandatory to keep attention and also respect to the surrounding environment because the race will pass through the most beautiful places of Mt.Baldo. Moreover, the competition is part of the campaign "i don't throw my wastes" for the respect of the mountain environment. The course has a positive gain of 1250mt and it's long 25km; the race will start at rifugio Novezzina di Ferrara del monte Baldo at 1235 mt. and it'll end in the Mt. Baldo's peak near the cableway station "Malcesine – Monte Baldo" at 1750mt. During the course you'll find 4 refreshment stands: distant from them is absolutelly forbidden to throw away paper cups, bottles or any material that can pullute the protected environment of Mt. Baldo; anyone who breaks this rule will be disqualified from the competition.

The course map is available through this link: Course Map


To every athlete it will be delivered the prize explained in the "admissions" section.

Local products will be delivered to the 3 biggest groups of athletes.

Also, the first 20 men and 10 women will be rewarded with local products.
Every partecipants who will end also the Clivus EcoMarathon and Soave-Bolca Trail will be rewarded with a pack of local products.



At the arrival will be available a free transport to Rifugio Novezzina: the cableway will take the athletes until "Prà Alpesina", then a bus will take them until Rifugio Novezzina.

Baggage reclaim

At the start it'll be possible to deliver your own baggage at the organization, in that way at the arrival you'll find your baggage marked by your race number.