Trail Soave-Bolca

Soave-Bolca is a trail race of 33km and 45km with a positive gain of 1950m and 2400m, its course passes through the Lessini Mountains in Verona.
The course will start in Soave at 9.00 am and it will end in Bolca within 4.30 pm, and in this last place will be organized a free visit to the "Pessara", a place of historic value where it have been found some of the most important fossils of tertiary age.
The reservation is mandatory to this number: 349-0854525

The Presentation of the course

Through this link it's possible to read a summary which explain the Soave-Bolca's course, for now it's available only in italian.

However, more specific and technical information are available in this dedicated page. Soave-Bolca's Track

The program

6.30 am: Meeting at Porta Verona in Soave(Vr), the main enter to the town
7.00 am: Numbers delivering and breakfast for all runners
8.00 am: Start
12.00 am: Pasta Party at the arrival in Bolca
12.00 am: Prizes-giving
2.00 pm: Closing 33 km Arrivals
4.30 pm: Closing 45 km Arrivals


Admission fees:

  • Admission fee (33km) : € 22,00 until the 10th of April, 27,00€ from the 11th of April to the 27th of April;
  • Admission fee (45km) : € 27,00 until the 10th of April, 32,00€ from the 11th of April to the 27th of April;

When the admissions numbers have reached 500 athetes the registrations will be closed. The medical certificate is mandatory.

To make the admission:

  • Download the admission form, through the following link
  • Admission Form
  • Fill every part of the admission form
  • Make the payment through bank transfer or postal payment
  • Send the admission form and a photocopy of the payment through fax to 045-6103277 or thorugh mail to

An on-line form service it's also available through credit card payment by this link
You can check the admission here
We remember that also by this admission option the medical certificate is mandatory. It can be sent via fax to +39 45-7612003 or via e-mail to


The 2011 ranking is available through this pdf.
The 2012 ranking is available through this pdf.
The 2013 ranking is available through this pdf.

Photos & videos 2011-2012

Video 2014

Link to Photos of 2014 editionPhotos 2014

Photos 2011
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Video Soave-Bolca 2012

The course

The race has a hill coruse through the Soave's hills.
The track is quite challenging and it needs attentions from the athletes, the former take place through mountain paths, woods, pine forests and amazing place characteristics of Lessini Mountains.
The positive gain is 1950m in a 33km course.
The race will start at the historical centre of Soave and it'll reach the highest altitude at Mt. Pergo at 920m, this is distant few kilometres from the arrival in Bolca.
During the course there will be 5 resfreshment stand with salts and various drinks and foods.


To every athlete it will be delivered the prize explained in the "admissions" section.

Local products will be delivered to the 3 biggest groups of athletes.

Also, the first 20 men and 10 women of the 33km race will be rewarded with local products, while will be rewarded the first 10 men and 5 women of the 33km race.



In Bolca there'll be a free bus trasport service that will take the partecipants to the start in Soave at the end of the race.

Baggage reclaim

At the start it'll be possible to deliver your own baggage at the organization, in that way at the arrival in Bolca you'll find your baggage marked by your race number.