Montefortiana Turà

Montefortiana Turà is an international race during the Montefortiana weekend.

The biggest world athletes have run this race, we can recall runners like Gelindo Bordin, Francesco Panetta, Graziano Calvaresi, Stefano Baldini, Daniele Meucci, Vicenza Sicari, Bruna Genovese, Rosaria Console and the best African athletes of the last 20 years.

Press and television are very interested in this race which is an initial test for the competitive season.


  • The 18th January 2015, GSD Valdapone De Megni organizes the 34th Montefortiana Turà at Monteforte d'Alpone a running race on street.
  • Every team associated with Fidal can register an unlimited number of juniores and seniores athletes. That athletes must have a minimum time, specified in the following points.
  • It's possibile to register females master after the organization approval. For further information on the female race please call: Mr. Marescalchi Michele cell. 338 9828472.
  • To the Montefortiana Turà can partecipate athletes with at least 32'00" on 10.000m or 14'30" on 5.000m. The athletes lapped will be invited to leave the race. The maximum number of athletes will be fixed at 30 man and 20 women.
  • It will be only 1 race either for the females and for males athletes.
  • The race will take place on a undulating course inside the center of Monteforte d'Alpone, and it will build up on several lap of 1.515m. Female ahtletes will run 4 laps (6.060m), male ahtletes will run 7 laps (10.605m)
  • There won't be any fees or refunds, there will be only the prizes shows below.
  • The registrations must be forwarded to Mr. Michele Marescalchi within 8.00pm of the 16th January 2015.
  • The athletes and judges meeting will be at 1.00pm in front of elementary schools. In the same place will be delivered the race's numbers from the 11.00am of 20 January 2013.
  • Montefortiana Turà will begin at 3.00pm either for the female race and the male one.
  • If there will be some reclaims, they must be delivered in a written form to the arrival judges within 30 minutes the pubblication of the arrival's order. The reclaim must be presented with a fee of 25€. In addiction, the reclaims presentated in second instance to the appeal's judge must be attended with another fee of 25€.
  • Further information will be promptly delivered to the athletes and to the teams
  • For what is not covered by these regulations, it must be considered valid the technical and statuesque norms specified by FIDAL and G.G.G. for the 2014


Photo 2012

The photos of Turà 2012 are available through this link Photo 2012

Male prizes

The prizes are available at the following file: Montepremi Turà

Records e Special Prizes

Special Prizes for the record/p>

MALE - € 1000,00 for the 1st; € 200,00 for the 2nd
FEMALE - € 500,00 for the 1st; € 200,00 for the 2nd

Current Records

MALE - 29'08"55 - Moses Mosop (2007)
FEMALE - 19'11"00 - Rosanna Munerotto (1992)

There won't be any fees or refunds, the admission to the race is reserved only by invitation from the organization.

Info and admissions

Michele Marescalchi cell. 338 9828472 -

Info & Reservations

To receive further information and usefull reservation local proposals, you can visit the pages Info or Reservations and Restaurants