Montefortiana Walk
Introduction to Montefortiana's Walk

The "Walk of 18.000"begins the morning at 8.30am and the photos aren't enought to confirm the amazing partecipation to this sporting event. With such numbers, Montefortiana place itself as one of the largest athletic sporting event in the world.

Thanks to the perfect organization and the refreshment stands this walk/race fits perfect for the occasional runner and for the family walk on the Monteforte's countryside.

The eight refreshment stands arranged on the 4 courses are properly the main assets of this event. At this stands are prepared and consumed huge quantity of food and drinks, i.e. at the first refreshment stand every year are consumed 300 litres of milk, 200 of chocolate, 200 of hot wine, and in Soave are consumed beyond 1.500 kg of potage.

Additionaly, in the stands there're also simple and fundamental food and drinks like marmelade, biscuits, the, orange, lemons, and so on.

The GSD Valdalpone De Megni is the group of people behind the scenes of Montefortiana, and each year from 1976 it's capable to organized this huge sporting event.
The "GRUPPO SPORTIVO DILETTANTISTICO VALDALPONE DE MEGNI" was born in 1973 and, in the weekend in which the Montefortiana takes place, it can count 800 volunteers who guarantee the regular execution of the event. Fundamental to the group is the aid of the sponsors, of the citizens, and the massive participation of the guests.

From 1989 Montefortiana is twin with New York City Marathon, and every year the cooperation between this 2 sporting event is sealed by mutual exchanges from various point of views.
We hope also this year you will find in Monteforte the warmth and kindness that has characterized this event in the past editions.

The Program

7.30 am: Meeting Ritrovo in San Carlo Street in Monteforte near the Montefortiana Expò
8.30 am: Race starts from Dante Street
10.30 am: Prize-giving at Montefortiana Expò
3.00 pm: Closing arrivals in San Carlo Street

The Courses and the refreshment stands

Courses: km 9, km 14, km 21, km 28.
The maps of the courses are available at this page

Refreshment stands availables on the courses:

  • 1 refreshment stand available at the point of departure from 7.00am, and another one at the point of arrival.
  • 2 refreshment stands on 9km's course
  • 3 refreshment stands on 14km's course
  • 6 refreshment stands on 21km's course
  • 8 refreshment stands on 28km's course

Few kilometers from the arrival will be delivered a coupon with which every partecipant can taste the reputed Tortellini Avesani at the arrival refreshment stand.

Please, be aware that the refreshment stands won't be available before the walk begins.

Who is not in possession of a regular ticket will be moved away from the course, for avoiding any inconvenience, every partecipant should exibit the ticket during the walk.

Finally, the refreshment stands will not be available until the start of the walk. For what is not specified here, see the FIDAL rules.


Every partecipant who have bought a complete ticket will be rewarded with a special prized, available here to the first 7.000 admissions

The largest 250 groups will be rewarded with high quality local products and a custom certificate.

The reduced ticket will be always available until sunday morning.

The group ranking, will be closed at 12th January 2015.


The admission fee costs 10€ with the prize, and 2,50€ without it, until 31/12/2014.

From 1/1/2015 the prize admission fee costs 12€.

From the 16/1/2015 the admission fee without prize costs 3€.

Admissions modalities

  • directly in Monteforte
  • through e-mail at
  • through postal payment n.19084375 headed to G.S.D. Valdalpone, Via Dante 41, 37032, Monteforte d'Alpone (VR)
  • through bank transfer at IBAN: IT17 S050 3459 5800 0000 0032 707
  • Web Admission, available only with credit card, through this link: Admission page for Motnefortiana Walk on Sdam.It
  • Via fax, downloading the admission form and sending it via fax to +39 045 7612003or via email to attached with the done payment

Groups Admissions

Downloading the following PDF, it's possibile to entry multiple admissions for the same group. The costs and the admissions modalities are the same as formerly described. You should send the entry through mail or fax.

The tickets can also be booked, but the reservations will be valid only if they're match up with a photocopy of the payment send through email or fax. Additionaly, the booked tickets will be delivered at the proper address at least 4-5 days before Montefortiana. In this last case it's mandatory to add the shipments costs, displayed below:

  • 2,10 € until 10 tickets
  • 3,20 € until 30 tickets
  • 5,20 € beyond 30 tickets

For further information, you can visit this page

Photo 2012

The photo are available visiting this link Photo 2012

Info & Reservations

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